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SAS Programmers and Biostatisticians with good skills earn over $100K salary.


Training for SAS Programmer and Biostatistician Jobs

Alpha Stats Inc provides training in statistical SAS Programming and Biostatistics conducted by highly qualified and experienced Statistical SAS Programmers and Biostatisticians. Alpha Stats is a contract research organization (CRO) providing services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry over past 15 years for biostatistics, statistical SAS programming, clinical data management, and writing of statistical analysis plan (SAP) and clinical study report (CSR) of clinical trials of phase I-IV. Candidates are provided thorough knowledge of clinical domain and GCP, ICH and FDA guidelines for reporting of clinical trials results to regulatory agencies, in addition to extensive hands on experience using real-time clinical trials database. We advise candidates that sufficient knowledge and hands on experience on real-time database is very important for success and stability in a job. Many consulting/staffing companies prepare candidates for interview using a set of standards questions by providing superficial knowledge. They make false promises of 100% placement. However, only a few such candidates pass interview and get placement as a consultant, but eventually their contract is prematurely terminated within a few months or contract is not renewed because of lack of productivity and insufficient skills. Such candidates not only close the doors of clients for re-entry in future, but also run into frustration. Therefore, a good training is important for a solid base. We have interviewed hundreds of candidates for Statistical Programmer positions at our company or with our clients. Most of these candidates were on a H1B or other non-immigrant visa and had background of information technology, engineering, biomedical science, pharmacy, or related field, with 1 to 5 year experience in clinical SAS programming. Most of them had experience of programming bits of summary tables and listings. Only a handful of candidates had experience in programming of full analysis of safety and efficacy summaries of a study. Only a few candidates had experience in SAS graphs using SAS version 9.1 or 9.2. Unfortunately, resumes of most candidates included all skills that were required for positions. When asked about false claim of skills in resume, we were told that they or their consulting company added all skills to resume so that their resume is at least picked for a phone interview.